Waititu bans sale of ‘imported eggs’ in Kiambu County


Kiambu governor Ferdinard Waititu has banned the sale and distribution of imported eggs in his county.

The governor said that the move will cushion local poultry farmers from unfair competition.

It is not clear how Waititu hopes to implement the order.

Kiambu governor Ferdinand Waititu

Poultry farmers have always complained about cheap egg imports from Uganda and South Africa and which have flooded the supermarkets.

Farmers have been complaining of high production costs which have rendered the local eggs uncompetitive.  The high costs of poultry management include electricity, water, labour and fuel.

Although Kenya has a huge population of over 32 million birds, it still has to import poultry products from countries such as Uganda, Tanzania, South Africa and Israel.

The government says that neighbouring countries enjoy adequate ingredients for poultry feeds such as maize, wheat, sunflower cake and cotton seed cake. Maize in Kenya, which is the main ingredient for making poultry feeds, is expensive owing to use of fertiliser.

“In Uganda and Tanzania, production of maize is relatively cheap compared to Kenya where fertiliser is largely used. Other supporting components are equally expensive,” an official at the Ministry of Agriculture.

Livestock feeds attract high taxes in Kenya compared to neighbouring countries hence making it expensive for locally produced poultry and eggs.


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