When the story of 26-year-old Justine Naku first emerged, it became an internet sensation and for a reason. Justine is a multi-millionaire and has shown how to use her 6 acres to good use. That is why her story went viral when it was first reported.

Justine has not quit and continues to rise from strength to strength.

Justine with her cow
Justine with her cow

As other youth take time wondering what to do, this agro-preneur from Nakuru, Kenya is a green field sensation and a new motivation to millions of youth across Africa.

On her farm she grows vegetables, has a poultry farm and produces cereals, carrots, cabbage, milk and poultry products.

Justine at her garden
Justine at her garden

Those who have commented on her farming says; “There is a new pride and dignity in farming.”

Others say that she has made farming “look sexy” once again.


But She is a rare example of not just waiting for employment but actually creating it. Take action, be part of the solution and you’re already there!

Also, this is good motivation and encouragement to more young, African women who may want to consider becoming agricultural entrepreneurs. More than that is the confidence that a new generation of farmers is showing towards farming.


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