In yet another move that might trigger some trade wars, Tanzania has burnt  another 5,000 one-day old chicks imported through the northern Namanga border with Kenya – bringing to 11,400 the numbers of chicks killed in the last three months.

Tanzania’s Principal Secretary in the Ministry of Livestock, Maria Mashingo, says that the unnamed importer did not have the necessary documents and says that the country is only trying to prevent the spread of the deadly birdflu.

While Kenyan government is still quiet on the same, the Tanzania government of John Pombe Magufuli has been at loggerheads with Kenya over trade issues.

Last November, President Magufuli supported his officers who had confiscated some 1000 Kenya cows and auctioned them for crossing the border. The Maasai have since time immemorial crossed between the Kenya-Tanzania border to look for pastures without any hindrance.

But Magufuli said that his country will not be used as grasslands by neighbouring countries – alluding to Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda: “Those who sneak with their livestock into this country will not be spared. We will confiscate them and do to them according to what our laws instruct,” said Magufuli. He added that he will also not interfere if pastoralists from his country trespass into other countries. “Even them (the other country) can deal with the livestock as per their laws,” he said.

After the burning of the Kenyan chicks, the Tanzanian official Ms Mashingo now says:  “There is no need of destroying an entire chicken sector because of only 5,000 chicks.”


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