Venesa Azar  is in a world of her own. Few people would dare abandon some flashy life in Paris, France to a village life and – wait for it – start farming.

Vanesa has now settled in Msambweni village in Kilifi County where she has planted Moringa trees. And that is totally different from the marketing job that he held in Paris while also working as a fashion blogger.

 “I am a fashion blogger and marketer and I was working in Paris, but I found a better deal in Kenya,” she says.


There is a story behind her farming. “I know it sounds crazy, but it was worth it,” she says of her decision.

Vanessa, who is of Cameronian origin, says her decision to come to Kenya was born out of a struggle with acne. That is the time she was spotted by Jeanne Margaux, the co-founder of Moringa Farms who sent her a message.

“Jeanne sent me a message and convinced me that she deals with a product that can clear my acne. At first I was like ‘Oh no, I won’t fall for that gimmick’. But Jeanne was persistent and even sent me a parcel of Moringa all the way to Paris. I said ‘Oh well this lady is so determined, let me just try this thing out. Jeanne also offered me a job at the farm to be its brand ambassador and marketer to ride on my social media presence,” explains Vanessa.

It was after using the Moringa oil that her skin became flawless after only a month. And that was the time she made her decision. “When I saw the glow on my face, I resigned, packed my bags and took the next flight to Kenya. And here I am and loving it,” says Vanesa, 30.

A holder of a Masters degree in Marketing from a university in Paris,  Vanessa, says the product has transformed her life. “I am a testimony that this Moringa thing works. I had ugly acne a few years ago, but now look at the glow on my skin. Believe it or not, this is the work of Moringa.”

Her job at the farm is to market the products. While the rest do the hands-on job of tending to the Moringa from the seedlings stage to the final processed product, Vanessa is the “face and voice of Moringa”.

“My job at the farm is to market Moringa to local and international clients. Next week I will be in Vegas hunting for new clients, I also try to get new local clients,” she tells us.

. “As a marketer, I believe that to sell a product authentically, you must know it in and out. I have made a deliberate effort to come to the farm as often as I can to be part of the process. I am involved in this journey from growing of the seedlings, to harvesting and processing. That way I can answer a client’s concerns confidently,” she says.



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