Lucy Muchoki

Kenya’s Lucy Muchoki is joining Invest in Africa Now!, a private investment promotion agency as the liaison for the Eastern African region.

Speaking about the news of Lucy joining Invest in Africa Now!, General Manager, M’Hamed Cherif, said “this collaboration with Lucy represents a meeting of minds and augurs well for the future of our endeavours, for which we need competent and passionate people like Lucy”.

Lucy Muchoki is the Chief Executive Officer of the Pan African Agribusiness Consortium, (PanAAC) an agribusiness platform for Africa.

Her various high-level agribusiness forum commitments include being the Private Sector Representative to the Executive Boards of Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa (FARA), Association for Strengthening Agricultural Research in Eastern and Central Africa (ASARECA) and the Global Forum for Agriculture and Research (GFAR).

Lucy  is a member, representing the private sector, of the African Union Commission expert task force on markets and infrastructure. She is also the Vice Chair of the Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Programme’s (CAADP) Non State Actors’ Taskforce and also a member of the thematic working group on the Agribusiness, Value Addition and Market Access Programme in Kenya’s Agricultural Sector Coordinating Unit.

An accomplished entrepreneur, Ms Muchoki is a founding member of the Kenya Country Business Incubator programme KEKOBI.

Lucy Muchoki quit her job some 10 years ago to devote her time to helping farmers improve their productivity and competitiveness. PanAAC aims to bring together agribusiness and agroindustry value chains and support services to enable them access information, knowledge, strategic partnerships and remediation.

PanAAC was established in June 2007 in Johannesburg by the African private sector under the auspices of the African Agricultural Research Forum (FARA). It was founded on the premise that the reason agriculture is so underexploited in Africa is there’s a lack of a dynamic private sector. To remedy this, the organisation identifies serious farmers from different parts of the country, provides them with farm inputs (seeds, fertiliser and chemicals) or animals to kickstart their business, and educates them on best practices.


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