Kenya is set to host a climate smart agriculture congress in Nairobi in March next year which will bring in various stakeholders.

The inaugural congress will take place on 6-7 March 2018 and is organised by the Aid & International Development Forum (AIDF).

It will the bring together senior representatives from ministries of agriculture, heads of key Agri-related public institutions, UN agencies, agricultural firms, NGOs, farm associations, agriculture research and development institutes, investors, donors and the private sector.

The Congress comes to Nairobi at a time when the country is coping with the effects of climate change due to the reliance on climate-sensitive natural resources.

Floods wash away crops in Western Kenya

With the country relying on agriculture sector as a major contributor to the national GDP, such extreme weather patterns have left  Kenya’s economy weak during periods of flooding or drought.

The World Bank has recently approved a $250 million USD investment to the Climate-Smart Agriculture Project in Kenya. The investment comes at a time when Kenya has been hit by major drought and approximately 3.4 million people are in need of food aid and clean water.

As weather patterns become more extreme and unpredictable, the main goal of the project is to increase agricultural productivity and build resilience to climate change risks for smallholder farming and pastoral communities through upscaling finance interventions, developing sustainable seed production and distribution, and improving forecasting and information distribution to farmers.

The agenda will cover technological innovations, capacity building, innovative financing, partnerships and the use of big data to advance climate-smart agriculture practices across East Africa. The participants will discover how to secure financial investment for CSA initiatives, improve agricultural productivity and scale adoption of technological innovations in agricultural systems. Other prominent topics include ICT for agri and mAgri innovations and supporting farmers through technology, data collection and sharing.

During the Congress, participants will have an ooportunity to tap on the knowledge of 40+ speakers who will include Gabriel Rugalema, Representative of the FAO Kenya, Noelle Obrien, Team Leader of the Finance Innovation for Climate Change Fund, Richard Munang, Regional Climate Change Coordinator at the UNEP and Berber Kramer, Research Fellow of the International Food Policy Research Institute and Laban Ogallo, Project Coordinator, IGAD-UNDP amongst others.

By offering keynote addresses, panel discussions and interactive roundtable sessions, the congress enables robust debates on sustainable agricultural transformation and economic opportunities while ensuring sustainability for communities and the environment.

There will also be discussions on practical solutions to the prominent climate change challenges in the region, especially around drought management and irrigation best practice.

Participants will also meet key decision makers and agricultural experts to establish public-private partnerships for a sustainable food future in East Africa.

You can now Reserve your place to be part of engaging discussions and connection building in climate smart agriculture in Africa.  To learn more about the Climate Smart Agriculture Congress, visit the website or email Alina O’Keeffe, Head of Marketing, Aid & International Development Forum at



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