A Kenyan company, EuroFresh Exotics,  has been nominated for the AFIF Entrepreneurship Award 2017 for their production and exportation of fresh fruits and vegetables using innovative farming techniques. EuroFresh was created in 2012 by Ms. Lydia Wambui, who will defend her project during the Africa Finance & Investment Forum 2017 set for 13-16 February in front of an audience composed by SMEs managers, entrepreneurs, investors and government representatives coming from across Africa.

The Kenyan company exports snow peas, sugar snaps, bird’s-eye chilies, passion fruits, avocados and French beans.


Under the leadership of Ms. Wambui, they also organize capacity building trainings for smallholder farmers from the region. EuroFresh has been selected together with other 5 African-based projects for its social, economic and ecological impact; and for its potential for growth and job creation.

The AFIF Entrepreneurship Award 2017 aims to provide African-based innovative SMEs with support to grow their businesses. The six finalists have received a free accreditation to join the AFIF 2017 full program (conferences, trainings, B2B meetings and networking opportunities). The award winner will receive cash prize and one year of national and international media promotion.

“We are honored to be selected for the AFIF Entrepreneurship Award 2017. EuroFresh will turn 5 years this year, the AFIF Award would not only be the best gift for this project but also for all Kenyan entrepreneurs. It will allow us to boost our activity creating sustainable livelihoods and continue to dream big,” says Ms. Wambui.

The other projects nominated for the awards are from Ethiopia,  Nigeria and Tanzania.



These are:

Aybar Engineering (Ethiopia)

The company has developed the “Aybar BBM”, a technology that prevents excess water from suffocating crops and stores it for later use. There is no other similar technology in the market.

R n G Company limited (Kenya)

The company sells packaged Rhizo-fix (groundnut inoculum), a biofertilizer that ensures a more efficient groundnut production. It also collects the groundnuts from local farmers to produce affordable cooking oil.

First Atlantic Semiconductors & Microelectronics (Nigeria)

This company has developed the “Zenvus”, an intelligent solution to collect soil data using a system of electronic sensors. Its mission is improve farming productivity.

Kimolo Super rice (Tanzania)

The company is specialized in processing and marketing branded rice and sunflower oil. The project is environmentally friendly since smallholder farmers produce paddy using water run-off from nearby hills.

Eco Act (Tanzania)

The company was established to address the challenges of urban waste management, plastic pollution, deforestation and climate change. They recycle and transform post-consumer waste plastic into durable and environmentally friendly plastic lumber.

The Africa Finance & Investment Forum (AFIF) (http://APO.af/y28Bux) is the Pan-African meeting of SMEs managers, entrepreneurs, investors and government representatives convened by EMRC, which will take place at the Strathmore University in Nairobi. The conference will focus on entrepreneurship and innovation and access to finance in key sectors such as energy, water, ICT, health and agriculture.


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