In December, Kenya’s Deputy-President William Ruto donated some 20,000 chicks to the local women.

What people did not know was that Ruto is a successful poultry farmer – and that is only half the story of the other side of Ruto.

Actually, the DP and his wife Rachel have thousands of chicken some of which they imported from India. The Indian breed includes Kuroiler, a dual purpose chicken. Every day, they collect at least 2,500 eggs.

At the farm, the family has an egg incubator with a capacity of 20,000 eggs, and every 21 days, they sell thousands of chicks at between Sh100 and Sh125 every day.

This is one of the projects that is undertaken by DP’s wife Rachel and her organization, Joyful Women organisation.

Also in the expansive farm, which is several hundred acres, are high-yielding, fast-maturing banana plants obtained from the then Kenya Agriculture Research Institute (now KALRO), and hundreds of mango and avocado trees, a maize farm for silage and maize, and hundreds of dairy cows.

Ruto also has at least 100 beehives, and yes, he is very proud of the huge forest on that parcel of land that has his house.

“All these trees, all 150,000 trees in this farm, I planted them myself,” he told K24 TV in a past interview.

Ruto grew up as a son of a peasant farmer and used to hawk chicken and peanuts at the local shopping centre. After graduating from the University of Nairobi in 1990 with a degree in Botany and Zoology, Mr Ruto had a brief stint as a teacher in the north Rift where he was also the head of choir at the local African Inland Church.

The new acquisition in Moiben has a man-made lake

It was in this capacity that he said a moving prayer during a function attended by Kenya’s second President Daniel arap Moi, catching his eye.

The rest is history.

Ruto has another home in his 20-acre farm in Moiben, and which has been the talk of the social media. The farm as two man-made lakes and an airstrip.




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