Harvesting of Chia seeds in Uganda

You too can grow Chia – and become part of this story.

Chia is native to south America and it is valued as a nutrient-dense staple food for hundreds of years.

It is believed to have been grown by indigenous people of Mexico and America and the chia seeds are prized for being high in essential fatty acids, fiber, protein, vitamins, and minerals.

Growing a chia plant is very easy as it tolerates various soil and climatic conditions. The plant is very hardy and grows even in dry areas.

With sufficient light, the plant can be grown indoors too.

  1. Get a good planting mix or use a homemade combination of equal portions of compost, garden loam, and sand. You may ruffle the selected area lightly with a rake, or loosen the soil with your fingers.
  2. Just scatter the seeds over the soil and rake lightly. About 1/4 cup of chia seeds can be sprinkled over one square foot area. You can thin the plants afterward. There is no need of digging a hole to sow them. Gently press the soil surface and see to it that the seeds are covered by the soil.
  3. Using a fine spray nozzle, lightly water the seedbeds every day so that the soil remains moist. Within a week or so, you will be able to see the sprouts and tiny leaves emerging from the soil. The plant doesn’t need too much water and seems to do better if it’s kept on the dry side.
  4. You can grow chia organically, without using harmful pesticides and chemicals. Mulch the plants regularly. The shrub can tolerate arid conditions as well as soils of low fertility.


  1. I needed to know as to how and which climate is suitable for chia farming as have three hundred acres with a purpose introducing such a commercial farm. I’m also in need of knowing if there are machineries needed to process the crop so that could be consumed by clients! Needed to know if I want to industrialize whom do I contact? Where do I get the best seedlings for such a commercial farm?

  2. I’m interested to chia farming as have suitable big land here in Tanzania can you connect me to potential investors to invest together with me in chia plantation and industrialisation? Will appreciate to get connected to such serious investor!
    Noel Mahyenga
    P. O. Box 8107
    Dares Salaam


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