A team of taxidermists has arrived in Kenya and are in the process of preserving for posterity the carcass of the world’s last male Northern White Rhino. which died in a Kenyan conservancy this week.

Sources at Ol Pejeta told Top Farmer that the world-famous Rhino named Sudan has already been skinned and the skin has been preserved.

“The taxidermists will make a life-size true image of Sudan and we are still negotiating with government institutions on what to do next,” said a source.

As the last male northern white rhino, a museum display of Sudan will attracts myriad of tourists eager to see the very last of a species.

It is not clear whether the north African nation of Sudan, where it was captured, will claim it back or whether it will be taken back to the Czech zoo where he grew up. Kenya is also interested in having the last say on Sudan.

“Vets are here retrieving as much specimen as possible to build a DNA. They have also extracted sperms and testicles in the hope on growing an embryo in the laboratory one day,” said our source.


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