Oburu Odinga

A gang operating in Bondo town on Wednesday night broke into the home of East African Legislative Assembly MP Oburu Oginga and stole more than a thousand chickens in the poultry yard.

As a poultry farmer, dont end up like Oburu Odinga.

“The insecurity situation in Bondo town has soared to high levels. The thugs raided my home and made away with all the chickens in my farm. They also raided the home of nominated member of the Siaya county assembly Tabu Osewe and also stole all her chicken stock, including other valuables,” he said.

Here are tips on how to keep your venture safe:

If possible keep your poultry where they are not visible from the road or public rights of way.
• Display signs that your property is security marked and you have security systems in place
on your property.
• Join your local Neighbourhood Watch or Rural Watch scheme and keep informed of any incidents in the area – display signs that you are in a watch scheme.
• Have a good quality padlock and/or alarm on your coop and shed where you keep feed and bedding. Remember as well as your actual birds, feed, bedding and metal containers are all prime targets for thieves
•Security lighting with PIR sensors are a good deterrent and a way to let you know if someone is on your property. Security lighting  with a built in camera which will record
any movement.
• Electric fencing can also deter potential offenders – remember to put a visible sign warning that an electric fence is in operation and take precautions to protect the energizer.
• Geese and guinea fowl can act as natural alarm systems, being very vocal if someone enters the premises, alerting you to intruders.
• Take photos of your birds, including any distinguishing marks and any expensive equipment you may have.
• There are a number of ways to mark your poultry which will act as a deterrent, identify
stolen birds and prove ownership:
– Wing tagging (similar to ear tagging in sheep)
– tattooing
– Spray or mark plumage with vegetable dye
– Closed rings on the birds legs
With that, you might not end up like Oburu Odinga who lost all his chicken.


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