A Kenyan company is now offering discounts to farmers and households as the country goes through a debilitating drought already declared a national disaster.

Davis & Shirtliff (D&S), a leading supplier of water and energy products, will until end of March 2017 offer a 15 per cent discount for various water and solar energy products for purchases made at the company’s nationwide branches as well as its online shop https://www.davisandshirtliff.com/.

“The one challenge most households are experiencing in the current drought is water pumping.  D&S have a solar pump plus solar panel and controller, with 195w capacity for KShs 86,000.  This combination will allow you to pump from your water tank (once filled), even if you have no electric power,” says the company in a statement.

For the agriculture sector, the Dayliff 3″ and Dayliff 2″ engine pumps, for drainage, irrigation and water transfer will now cost KShs16,400 and KShs29,900 respectively.  The company has included in the special offer, two generators – the smaller 6.5kVA Dayliff DG3000P for KShs 24,500 and the larger 16.0kVA DG7500P for KShs54,000.  All prices are inclusive of VAT where applicable and all products fall under the Davis & Shirtliff terms of warranty.

In many urban areas, where there is water rationing, households have been forced to purchase water from vendors.

Buying water from independent water bowsers can have its advantages, but if the source of the water is unknown, it is highly recommend that households install water purifiers.

As a result, D&S is offering the Dayliff brand the Mini RO water purifier for KShs29,400 inclusive of VAT.  The Dayliff Mineral water pot, which is a table top water purifier is selling for only KShs3,100.

For those facing power crisis, the Dayliff 1kW invertor plus 100 Ah battery with a power back up system is on offer at KShs32,700.  This system will keep security lights on and allow you to use devices for 4 hours.

Also in this offer is a rooftop solar water heater – for your shower – and it ranges from KShs38,400 to KShs 120,000 depending on capacity of the UltraSun 200Litre Vacuum tube solar system and UltraSun solar water heater respectively.

Founded in 1946, Davis & Shirtliff has been the leading supplier of water related and alternative energy equipment for 70 years. It primarily focuses on six principal product sectors – Water Pumps, Boreholes, Swimming Pools, Water Treatment, Generators and Solar Equipment.  It has 30 branches throughout Kenya in major towns and centers.







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